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Maximizing Optimal Ultraviolet Performance


Aged UV Lamps will affect your system performance – UV lamps degrade over time due to the irradiation emitted from them.  The lamp may be on but it will have become solarized if used beyond the recommended replacement interval.  Solarization prevents the proper exposure to UV light which may affect the unit’s disinfection, ozone destruction, TOC reduction, and chlorine reduction capabilities.

Lamp failure can be prevented – Your lamps are one of the most critical components affecting the performance of your UV system.  If your lamps are operated beyond their lamp life hour’s milestone, then performance of your UV system may be impacted negatively.  Changing your lamps and following the proper maintenance guidelines for your UV system per the requirements in the Operation & Maintenance manual can help prevent any inconvenient and costly downtime of your water system.

UV lamps are rated to specific lamp hours for your UV system – Trying to extend the use of your UV lamps will negatively impact your UV system and its performance, since UV lamp intensity continues to decline beyond its lamp life hours; thereby reducing the available UV dose designed for the treatment objective.

System performance is guaranteed with proper lamp maintenance – UV lamps are a critical component of every UV system, with an End-Of-Life (EOL) rating to specific hours.  To ensure Maximum Performance Guarantee, lamps must be changed before EOL.  Check your Operation & Maintenance manual for your EOL rating on your specific system.


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