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Hytrex Depth Filters - High Efficiency, High Performance, and Long Life Filter


Hytrex, the original polypropylene depth filter, provides purity and reliability to ensure consistent results.  Hytrex filters are produced using a patented, continuous process that provides consistent product performance.  Strict quality control assures repeatability and high quality products.  Thermally bonded micro fibers create a strong, secure cartridge matrix that traps and holds particles throughout its depth.  Its pure polypropylene construction assures fast rinse-up in high purity applications, and it carries the primary consideration, such as microelectronics and food and beverage industries.  Hytrex depth filters are also one of the strongest filters available, which makes them appropriate for the most demanding industrial filtration.  Hytrex is the choice where greater efficiency such as fluid clarification is needed, and severe conditions such as high flow rates and pressure drops will be encountered.  Filtration applications in chemical process, oil and gas, and produced water are typical of Hytrex filter usage.


GE continually develops technology to improve performance.  Laboratory testing and field experience show GE depth filters outperform low cost imports on several measurements.

Graded Density - Performance is built into GE's depth filter design.  GE's graded density enables the entire cartridge to hold contaminants.  Non-Hytrex filters without graded density completely plug while leaving the majority of the media unused.

                           Graded Density non hytrex                    Graded Density Hytrex

                                      Non-Hytrex Filter                                                 GE's Hytrex Filter

Side by Side comparison of used depth filters.  The GE filter shows dirt capture throughout the entire cartridge whereas the Non-Hytrex filter gets plugged leaving the majority of the filter unused.

Lifetime and Dirt Holding Capacity - GE filters are engineered to maximize dirt-holding capacity and minimize pressure drop at each micron rating.  When compared to GE's depth filter, the competitor's products with similar efficiency have uniform density throughout the filter, which results in poor life and capacity.  GE depth filters employ technology that can change filter density to increase service life.

When you use GE depth filters, you reduce fouling, increase filter life and decrease the costs of your system performance.

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