Each Aquafine UV model is engineered to focus the power of concentrated UV light, providing optimum disinfection, ozone destruction, TOC reduction and chlorine/chloramines destruction.

Standard Lamp

These lamps have been the mainstay of Aquafine UV systems for decades. Like all Aquafine UV lamps, they undergo a rigorous quality control inspection and testing program. Available in SE and DE.

High Efficiency (HE) Lamp

A low-pressure (LP) long life, high intensity lamp which greatly increases the capacity and performance of the unit. Available in SE only.

High Output (HX) Lamp

These lamps feature a higher UV intensity output (HO). They are especially ideal for critical TOC reduction applications. Available in SE only.

Validated Lamp

As well as Aquafine’s rigorous testing, these lamps also undergo a complete lamp “burnin” procedure, are individually challenged, traceable and shipped complete with validation documentation. Available in SE and DE.

Patented Design

Aquafine patented socket lock design with a self-locking mechanism on the lamp base centers the SE lamp within the quartz sleeve, making lamp change-outs easy. Reduced manpower, easier maintenance and enhanced performance are the advantages of upgrading with Aquafine’s patented Lamp Lok™ SE UV lamps.


Field failure of lamps can go undetected, creating unacceptable bacteria counts and cause real problems. Aquafine’s record is unmatched. The percentage of genuine Aquafine UV lamps which fail is less than .05% and Aquafine Colorguard UV lamps are exclusive to Aquafine, making mixing of different lamp types virtually impossible during change-out.

Specially manufactured with ceramic lamp bases, Aquafine Colorguard UV lamps offer advantages over non-ceramic material such as greater high voltage electrical insulation, superior strength, rigidity, improved temperature tolerance and are impervious to UV degradation.

Optional validated lamps are also available. A “Lamp Burn-In/Stabilization Quality Process” is performed for conformance to minimum required intensity values, individually challenged, traceable to a lot number and provided with a “Validated Lamp Test” certificate.


Colorguard SE Chart

Colorguard DE Chart

Using genuine Aquafine lamps ensures proper performance and reliability of your Aquafine equipment.

All lamps are available through Online Water Parts.  Call 1-866-894-0044 or email [email protected] for more information.