Colorguard Lamps

Updated Colorguard Chart to Help You Find Which UV Lamp You Need

Each Aquafine UV model is engineered to focus the power of concentrated UV light, providing optimum disinfection, ozone destruction, TOC reduction and chlorine/chloramines destruction. Standard Lamp These lamps have been the mainstay of Aquafine UV systems for decades. Like all Aquafine UV lamps, they undergo a rigorous quality control inspection and testing program. Available in SE and DE. High Efficiency…

Trojan UV Logic Series

Ultraviolet Technology

Ultraviolet Technology (UV) is used in both commercial and municipal applications ranging from high-purity water to recreational water, including aquaculture. UV is best known for environmentally-friendly usages in: Microbial Control / Disinfection Chlorine / Chloramine Destruction TOC Reduction Ozone Destruction Benefits of UV: Non-chemical form of water treatment Does not alter the color, odor, taste…


Introducing Aquafine’s New CSL Plus Series

CSL™ PLUS SERIES The CSL™ series has been a popular choice for medium-flow models. Following a review with customers, the proven infrastructure of the CSL™ series has been refined, the result is our CSL™ plus series. The new CSL™ plus series provides more dependable performance, custom specifications, simplified maintenance and maximized UV lamp output at…


Ultraviolet Technology for the Food & Beverage Industry

Waterborne microorganisms are responsible for adverse effects on the flavor, color, odor, and shelf life of soft drinks, bottled water, and food products. It is therefore the fundamental objective of food and beverage manufacturers to eliminate microorganisms from process water, product water, and sugar solutions to overcome this problem. A wide range of ultraviolet disinfection…


Ultraviolet Water Treatment for the Life Sciences Industry

Pharmaceutical, healthcare products, and research labs require production facilities of the utmost quality.  Water used for these industries must be free of pathogens, and chemicals such as chlorine and ozone.  Ultraviolet (UV) systems help provide water to the highest possible standards. Ultraviolet Applications for the Life Sciences Industry TOC Reduction Microbial Disinfection Ozone Destruct Chlorine/Chloramine…


Hytrex Depth Filters – High Efficiency, High Performance, and Long Life Filter

Hytrex, the original polypropylene depth filter, provides purity and reliability to ensure consistent results.  Hytrex filters are produced using a patented, continuous process that provides consistent product performance.  Strict quality control assures repeatability and high quality products.  Thermally bonded micro fibers create a strong, secure cartridge matrix that traps and holds particles throughout its depth.…