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EM066010044125 - Pressure Gauge, 1.5 TX Back MT, 0-30

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High-precision pressure gauges, measuring accuracy up to ?ñ 0.25 % of full scale value

The EM series 90mm hygienic pressure gauge was designed for the life sciences processing environment.

No risk of contamination by diaphragm damage and resulting contact of the medium with non-sterile components due to the use of a USP Class VI compliant actuation precision through more direct pressure transmission

Individually adaptable to each application through flexible configuration and optional equipment (e.g. actuation fill, diaphragm material, measuring range, temperature resistance, display damping...)

Two-point adjustment of zero point and span at any time for easy re-calibration

Pressure range -1...+40 bar (0ƒ??600 psig), measuring range selectable in PSI, BAR or Dual scale

Hydro-mechanical damping of strong pressure surges

Multiple diaphragm protection: superior material quality, controlled welding and recessed position

Extremely robust one-piece design for easy cleaning and long-term process reliability