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CSSM0.1-442 - Meissner Point of Use Cartridge Filter 0.1 Micron 1/4" MNPT INLET/1/4" MNPT OUTLET

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0.1 Micron self-contained disposable filter assembly for critical point-of-use filtration and small batch processing of liquids and gases. 1/4" MNPT inlet & outlet.
Self-contained disposable filter assemblies for critical point-of-use filtration and small batch processing of liquids and gases. Meissner capsule filters are ready-to-use disposable filter assemblies. They are ideal for use in small batch and critical point-of-use applications, in liquid or gas service. Meissner capsule filters incorporate the full range of Meissner filtration media and removal ratings in compact, reliable assemblies. Each capsule filter assembly consists of a pleated filter element integrally sealed into a rugged polypropylene housing. A completely self-contained unit is formed by a state-of-the-art thermal bonding process, ensuring maximum filter integrity, security and performance. No glues, resins, adhesives, metals or other extraneous materials are used. Meissner capsule filters have high mechanical strength to withstand shocks, back pressurization, multiple sterilizations and rigorous daily use. Four sizes are available, each with a variety of connections for easy, reliable to virtually any filtration system. All Meissner attachment filtration media are available in capsule filters, with surface areas up to 2 ft.

Design Features:

    • Full range of Meissner filtration media

    • Removal ratings from 0.04m to 70m

    • Filtration surface area available from 0.3 ft. to 2.0 ft.

    • Ultraclean no binders, adhesive, or surfactants

    • Four sizes to meet flow, batch and throughput requirements

    • Available connections hose barb, stepped barb, NPT, sanitary

    • Vent, drain, sampling ports provided

    • Minimal holdup volume

    • Clean room manufactured