MPM921CGS – Suez Memtrex PM Pleated Filter 10″ 0.2 Micron 213 O-ring Closed


10″ 0.2 Micron absolute pleated filter with 213 silicone o-ring configuration on one end, closed other end. Nominal OD 2.75″, nominal ID 1.25″. Polypropylene construction.

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Memtrex-PM (MPM) filters have a broad chemical compatibility. Constructed with high purity polypropylene membrane, hardware and supports, these filters are ideal for filtration of aggressive gases, liquids, and solutions from a wide variety of chemical and engineering processes.

Memtrex-PM (MPM) filters with 100% polypropylene construction offers low extractables, long service life and broad chemical compatibility. Thermoplastic sealing techniques are used in the cartridge construction eliminating the need for glues or sealers which could leach contaminates. MPM filters are integrity testable. All components are made of FDA-acceptable materials and meet the test criteria for the USP24 Class VI 121C plastics.

MPM filters utilize high flow polypropylene membranes, capable of protecting your gas, air, and liquid processes with absolute ratings of 0.1 and 0.2 micron. GE Osmonics is your complete source for filters, crossflow membranes, housings and other filtration equipment.

Memtrex-PM filters are specifically designed for pure chemical filtration. Typical applications include:

  • Vent and Process Air
  • Solvents, Acids and Bases
  • Etchants, Photoresists and Developers
  • Ultrapure Chemicals

Materials of Construction

Filtration Media – Polypropylene Membrane
Support Layers – Polypropylene Microfiber
Core and Cage – Polypropylene
Endcaps and Adapters – Polypropylene

Integrity Testing

Air diffusion per 10″ module after saturation with 100% IPA.

Operational Limits

Maximum Forward Differential Pressure- 60 psig (4.14 bar)
Maximum Reverse Differential Pressure – 30 psig (2.07 bar)
Maximum OperatingTemperature – 122F (50C) at 10 psid (0.69 bar) in water


Memtrex-PM filters may be autoclaved (121C, 30 minute cycles) or in situ steam sterilized (125C, 30 minute cycles) for a maximum accumulated exposure of 10 hours. Alternatively, the filters may be sanitized with compatible chemical agents.


The component materials of Memtrex-PM filters are suitable for use in articles intended for repeated food contact as specified in the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21. Memtrex-PM filters meet the test criteria for USP24 class VI-121C Plastics and pass the MEM Elution Cytotoxicity Test.


Aqueous extracts from Memtrex-PM filters contain less than 0.25 EU/ml. The filters typically exhibit low levels of non-volatile residues.

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