FPN012CGS – Suez Flotrex PN Pleated Filter 20″ 1.0 Micron 213 O-ring Closed


20″ 1.0 Micron nominal pleated filter with 213 silicone o-ring configuration on one end, closed other end. Nominal OD 2.75″, nominal ID 1.25″. Polypropylene construction.

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Flotrex-PN (FPN) filters are constructed with gradient density, thermally bonded polypropylene microfiber media for exceptional dirt holding capacity, long life and consistent particle retention.

The Flotrex-PN (FPN) microfiber filters offer an economical solution for your filtration needs. The all polypropylene construction of the FPN filters provides superior chemical compatibility. The gradient density, thermally bonded polypropylene media has excellent dirt holding capacities and reliable retention characteristics. FPN filters do not contain any adhesives or additives.

FPN filters are an economical alternative to membrane filters in a broad range of applications, including:

  • Filtration of liquid polymers, coatings, and inks
  • Filtration of bulk chemicals
  • Beer trap filtration
  • Post Carbon bed and DI bed filtration
  • Pre-filtration to protect expensive final filters

Materials of Construction

  • Filtration Media – Polypropylene Microfiber
  • Support Layers – Polypropylene Microfiber
  • Core and Cage – Polypropylene
  • Endcaps and Adapters – Polypropylene

Operational Limits

  • Maximum Forward Differential Pressure – 60 psi (4.14 bar)
  • Maximum Reverse Differential Pressure – 30 psi (2.07 bar)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature – 180F (82C) at 10 psid (0.69 bar) in water

Additional Information

Flotrex-PN filters may be autoclaved (121C [250F], 30 minute cycles) or in-situ steam sterilized (125C [257F], 30 minute cycles) for a maximum accumulated exposure of 10 hours. Alternatively, the filters may be sanitized with compatible chemical agents.

GE Osmonics certifies that the materials contained in its Flotrex-PN pleated filters meet U.S. FDA requirements for food contact under the applicable regulations in 21 CFR. For further information, contact the GE Osmonics Technical Services Department. Flotrex-PN filters meet the test criteria for USP Class VI-121C Plastics.

Aqueous extracts from Flotrex-PN filters contain less than 0.25 EU/ml. The filters typically exhibit low levels of non-volatile residues.

GE Osmonics filter cartridges are designed and manufactured for resistance to a wide range of chemical solutions. Conditions will vary with each application and users should carefully verify chemical compatibility.

Additional information

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