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Why we love “Genuine” Replacement Parts....and you should too!

Ultraviolet lamps are one of the most critical components affecting the performance of your Ultraviolet system.


Aged lamps will affect your system performance.  UV lamps degrade over time due to the UV irradiation emitted from them. The lamp may be on but it will have become solarized if used beyond the recommended replacement interval.  Solarization prevents the proper exposure to UV light which may affect the unit’s disinfection, ozone destruction, TOC reduction, and chlorine reduction capabilities.

Lamp failure can be prevented.  Your lamps are one of the most critical components of your UV system. If your lamps are operated beyond their life hour milestone, then performance of your UV system may decline.  Changing your lamps and following the proper maintenance guidelines for your UV System can help prevent any inconvenient and costly downtime of your water system.

UV lamps have a limited life span, typically around 8-9,000 hours of operation (low pressure).  Trying to extend the use of your UV lamps could have negative impacts on your UV System and its performance.  UV lamp intensity declines continuously over time; consequently reducing the available UV dose designed for the treatment objective.

In the chart below, you can see an Aquafine Genuine Lamp tested against a generic lamp. For this particular application, both lamps are rated for a 9,000 hour lamp life. The generic lamp shows immediate and rapid performance decline, whereas the Aquafine lamp continues to provide over 90% intensity for the entire 9,000 hours of lamp life.  The use of generic lamps in your process greatly increases the risk of inadequate disinfection of your process water.  UV lamps, even Aquafine Genuine lines, should not be used in operation for time periods greater than the manufacturer specified life spans.  When lamps are left in service beyond their usable end of life (EOL) hours milestone, then lamp intensity continues to decline which highlights the importance of replacing used lamps on a routine schedule.

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Aquafine provides its equipment with a complete Lifetime Performance Guarantee. This encompasses both reactor performance and individual part performance. As long as Genuine Aquafine replacement parts are used in the service of Aquafine equipment, the guarantee remains with the life of the product.

Use only Genuine Parts - The lamp and ballast technology have been tested and validated through proper research and development to ensure the reliability and performance is guaranteed. Use of non-compliant parts on your Aquafine UV equipment voids all system certifications and validations, including but not limited to UL, CE, CSA, NSF, GL and DVGW. Equipment that is out of compliance can expose you to legal risk that can be very costly and also jeopardize the performance of your system.


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