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UV for Ozone Destruct Applications

In specific water treatment applications, ozone is applied to the water stream to oxidize trace organics or to disinfect the storage and distribution system, but residual ozone is often left behind.


Ozone destruct by Ultraviolet Light is simply the breaking down of the O3 molecule. It uses 254 nm wavelengths at approximately  90 mJ/cm2 power.   As the O3 breaks down (dissociates) it releases an oxygen atom, which combines with other free oxygen atoms to form O2 molecules. This is the stable form of oxygen, which remains dissolved in the water.  Ozone destruct UV units can be guaranteed to completely destroy the ozone in the water and thereby help insure the integrity of the process and the product being produced.

Ozone is commonly used in the pretreatment area of a water system as well as for sanitizing process and recirculating systems. Prior to the point-of-use, the residual ozone needs to be destroyed to ensure the product is not contaminated. Because it is non-chemical and fast-acting, UV technology is the preferred method for this application.

Various markets such as Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, and Microelectronics use UV systems to destroy ozone.

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Trojan UV Logic Series

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