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Ultraviolet Technology

Ultraviolet Technology


Ultraviolet Technology (UV) is used in both commercial and municipal applications ranging from high-purity water to recreational water, including aquaculture. UV is best known for environmentally-friendly usages in:

  • Microbial Control / Disinfection

  • Chlorine / Chloramine Destruction

  • TOC Reduction

  • Ozone Destruction

Benefits of UV:

  • Non-chemical form of water treatment

  • Does not alter the color, odor, taste of pH of the product

  • No spills to clean up

  • No toxic by-products

  • Instantaneous

  • Proven technology

Online Water Parts, is a distributor for sales and service of Aquafine and Trojan UV products, as well as other major manufacturers. Online Water Parts also sells, integrates and services all major UV manufacturers' products. Online Water Parts has more than a quarter century of UV experience.

Our Service Capabilities

* Engineering Support
* Commissioning
* 24 Hour On-Call Service
* Unit installation
* Troubleshooting
* Preventive Maintenance
* Training (on-site and off-site)

Superior Maintenance for a Long Life

The UV system is one of the most cost-effective components of any water treatment system. A properly maintained UV system will perform better and have a dramatically extended life. That's why our highly-skilled technical support team is available to provide the highest quality service and support, maximizing the years of trouble-free operation you can expect from your UV system. Proper service should only be performed by trained personnel, both for safety reasons and to minimize the costs of repairing or replacing damaged parts.

Lamp Technologies

* Low pressure low output
* Low pressure high output
* Low pressure high output amalgam
* Medium pressure

Contact us for additional information on UV systems, replacement parts, and service requirements.

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